Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My puppet explanation By Springlily

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How do make a sock puppet?

Have you ever wondered how to make a sock puppet?

Sock puppets are fun and cool and funny you should try make one.

Firstly you measure the mouth with felt.

Secondly you cut the felt  into shape leaving the fold.

thirdly you cut the sock where the mouth goes.

Fourthly you put  the felt into the mouth.

Fifthly you safety pin it into place using 2 safety pins so it dose not fall off the sock.

Then you sew the felt into place with a thread and needle.

Then once you have finished sewing you can  hot glue a nose,mouth,nose,eyes and tongue.

Lastly once you have finished you can make a pattern so it dose not look blank.

Therefore this is how to make a sock puppet.


  1. Hi Spring, you have done well completing your explanation. Your next step is to include cause and effect sentences explaining why you do things. Eg: You glue on the eyes with a hot glue gun so they don't fall off. Your connecting word is so. It can be because or therefore too.

  2. Okay thank you miss nicola

  3. Post your cause and effect sentence here so it is evidence you can act on feedback and achieve your next step.